New 2017 Columbus Day Hall of Fame

Induction Ceremony and Dinner

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Editorial --

The October 9, 2017 morning celebration and inaugural New Columbus Day Hall of Fame is in the books on this rainy overcast October morning:  Predictably there was a group of individuals who appeared to be connected in some way to the radical American Indian Movement (AIM) and whom with great disrespect to this tenants of this Nation, worked to interrupt even the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem:  It is a unclear how any group or person now ten generations or more removed from the event that changed the world as we know it, can justify infringement upon the youth of their society convincing them through false rhetoric that they are victims of an events now over 525 years old: 

Nonetheless, while the AIM drums beat, the Hall of Fame celebration continued inducting four great southern Colorado members - Sam Corsentino, Ray Kogovsek, Vincent Massari and Charles Musso, each of whom have demonstrated through life long community service - not victimhood - how to act with respect to one another and how to add value to the community for the next generation:

Let me be clear - the acts and actions of those seeking to undermine the Columbus Day celebration today and around the this great Nation are the poorest examples of self-proclaimed Indigenous people whom counter-intuitively through their culture and heritage have always taught respect and tolerance:  There is no question that the elders of this subset of proclaimed indigenous people (whom with great premeditation, worked to interrupt the celebration today), would be turning in their graves at this substantial disrespect of America during the presentation of colors and National Anthem and ongoing interruption of another culture's peaceful heritage and cultural celebration:

It is also a sign of mental instability for anyone to believe themselves a victim in this day and age:  Instead of disrupting the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, if the dissenters would invest 10%  of their time in celebrating their own culture they would likely be significantly surprised at the result as it is highly likely many cultures including ours would stand side by side with them in joint celebration:  That's how America works - together - not divided

One thing is for sure - the Nation of American in ONE, it is made up of all cultures and traditions, when we pledge Allegiance to our Nation's flag, it is in honor of those who came before us who made being here a reality for our families:  Those who seek to undermine that aspect of American life have disqualified themselves from being part of the most spectacular Nation on Earth:

Happy Columbus Day to All!

Bet you didn't know there is also a Spanish Columbus Day celebration in New York City

[photos from this morning's Hall of Fame Induction at the Monument, photos courtesy of Salvadore Torres]

2017 New Columbus Day Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony